Preventive Maintenance

For more than a year, GRIMIT  has provided preventive maintenance for morethan 35+ laboratory instrument technologies from a wide array of manufacturers.

  - All common laboratory technologies

  - All leading manufacturers

Maximize scientific, operational and financial efficiencies with preventive maintenance

Many labs underestimate the value of preventive maintenance (PM). When weighing the value of PMs, it is important to consider that preventive maintenance offers these benefits:

Reduces ‘lost’ time due to equipment failure: Instrument downtime is costly, especially during critical workloads. Continuous care and preventive maintenance reduces the risk that a critical instrument is offline when needed.

Safeguards your lab’s Good Laboratory Practices (GLP): GLP requires that instruments in a lab subject to regulatory oversight have a documented Preventive Maintenance program. Missed PMs are easily found in an FDA audit. If multiple PMs are missed, a pattern of noncompliance could lead to an enforcement action. GLP requires that lab equipment operates within manufacturer’s specifications. Instrument performance declines over time as parts wear and components age. GRIMIT Multi Vendor Preventive Maintenance protocols are designed to keep equipment operating within specifications.

Extends the life of an instrument: Instruments subject to intermittent, and inconsistent maintenance have a shorter working life. Ongoing preventive maintenance is more cost effective - and more easily managed - compared to emergency repairs and capital equipment replacement.

ncludes predictive maintenance: Preventive Maintenance is also predictive maintenance. Our team of experienced GRIMIT engineers can anticipate future problems and propose remedial actions to avoid untimely system failure.

GRIMIT  engineers know how to look for signs of wear, corrosion, discoloration, evidence of rubbing, missing parts or the presence of wrong parts.

During a PM visit, GRIMIT engineers perform catalogued replacements of things such as pump seals and injector parts, inspection of the old parts offers evidence of wear problems, corrosion, or other issues.

GRIMIT engineers also conduct prescribed inspections on the alignment of pumps, drives, tubing, and other components. They perform dynamic balance of rotating assemblies and measure shaft axial variances. These and other procedures provide valuable clues concerning the current condition of a component, and the possibility of future failure.

Ordering Preventive Maintenance

Every lab is different - with different business and technical needs. GRIMIT  delivers preventive maintenance for your lab instruments as a standalone service, or in combination with an instrument service plan.

Standalone service:

   Preventive maintenance is ordered and delivered as needed In conjunction with a service plan:

Comprehensive Service Plan: Two preventive maintenance visits included in Plan.

Basic Service Plan: One preventive maintenance visit included in Plan.

Repair Service Plan: Ordered and delivered as needed, not included in Plan.